Top 10 reasons I didn’t ask you earlier for a dance.

10. I just got here.

9. I’ve been spending most of the evening with my students.

8. I’m dancing mostly with a friend who’s here from out of town.

7. I’m saving the best for last.

6. Ann asked me to help a friend of hers get started in salsa tonight.

5. I’m not wearing my contacts so I didn’t see you all the way across the room.

4. Every time I came to ask you for a dance, someone else beat me to it.

3. You’re getting so good, I didn’t think you wanted to dance with me anymore.

2. I thought you were dancing with a new boyfriend and I didn’t want to interfere.

And the No.1 reason why I didn’t ask earlier for a dance:

1. We look so good dancing together, people are starting to talk.

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