Top 10 baloney lines for guys when they forget their new dance partner’s name.

  1. The music was so loud last time, I didn’t get your name.
  2. I always remember a great smile, but not always the name.
  3. For some odd reason, I can’t remember the names of the really talented dancers I dance with.
  4. Could you please pronounce your name slowly to me so I get it right.
  5. Do you use the common spelling of your name or. . . . .
  6. I was embarrassed to ask you earlier for a dance because I wasn’t sure of your beautiful name.
  7. You would think I would remember the name of the best dancer I dance with.
  8. My friend says that your name is Mary, but I don’t think that’s right.
  9. The night we first danced I was suffering from a migraine and I’m sorry but I can’t remember your name.

And the best baloney line a guy could use when he forgets his new dance partner’s name:

  1. When I dance with you I keep thinking Ginger Rodgers, but I know that’s not your name.
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