Top Ten Ways to be Polite When Asking for a Dance.

  1. Politely ask the lady for a dance; May I have the pleasure, would you like to dance, may I have the next dance?
  2. Not polite to just grab or take hold of a lady’s hand and lead her to the dance floor, no matter how confident you are that she loves to dance with you.
  3. If the lady turns down your request, take it like a man, don’t complain but wish her a great evening.
  4. Not polite to rush ahead of others to ask for the dance.
  5. It’s fine to ask for a second dance, but be polite and don’t continue to hold onto the lady while you ask.
  6. If both partners have an agreement that they prefer to dance with each other all evening, it’s best that they set aside some time to dance with others as well.
  7. If a lady turns you down twice the same evening for a dance, good bet that she doesn’t want to dance with you.
  8. Be polite and let the lady finish the conversation with her previous partner before you interrupt and ask for the next dance.
  9. Be polite and don’t quickly runoff after a dance to ask another partner for the next dance.
  10. If you ask for the dance at the same time with another lead, know that you can score some points by happily giving the dance to the other lead.
  • P.S. I myself, in the past, have violated more than half of these items. But I believe we can all add to the dancing experience by being more polite and by adhering to good etiquette.
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