List of Stories

  1. I’ll Buy You a New Pair of Shorts
  2. It Was a Little Physical
  3. All the Courage I Could Muster
  4. We’re the Go Go Dancers
  5. I Almost Wish it Would Happen Again
  6. It Got a Bit crowded
  7. Sheʼs Daring You
  8. Praise the Lord
  9. It Made Me Wonder
  10. Gorillas on the Dance Floor
  11. It Was Getting Complicated
  12. That’s my Husband!
  13. My Hands Were Still Shaking
  14. Don’t Worry Dear!
  15. I’ll Never Know
  16. The Really One Last dance
  17. Adventures in Aguascalientes
  18. Oh, What a Night !
  19. The Couple Who Blew Us Away
  20. She Didnʼt Walk Away Very Fast
  1. A Tale of Two Dances
  2. Milwaukee, U.S.A.
  3. We Scattered Like Turkeys
  4. Bad Night at the Whiskey
  5. Dip-a-Thon in L.A.
  6. Time to see the Optometrist
  7. In the Crosshairs of the Big Naval Guns
  8. Blue Hawaii
  9. Remember Me,  Baby?
  10. A Dark and Stormy Night
  11. Angel on the Dance Floor
  12. Dancing Down the Yellow Brick Road
  13. Oh Baby!
  14. Is That Right?
  15. They Were Screaming Bloody Murder
  16. Believe it or Not!
  17. I would be Enchanted
  18. The Mysterious Dancer
  19. He’s My Nephew
  20. That’s What it’s All About

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