A Casual Early Evening Salsa Dance

Just last week I attended a casual early evening salsa dance in Seattle. It often makes for great dancing with a large dance floor and a wonderful attitude of fun that’s hard to beat. With the warm summer days and evenings, guys often come with T-shirts and the ladies show up with hot pants or short skirts to deal with the warm air that keeps getting warmer and warmer as more dancers arrive throughout the evening. I enjoyed a particularly awesome evening of salsa; running into old friends and new acquaintances who all made the dancing so delightful. One dance was the kind you never forget, and it can only happen when things are just right. It happened at the beginning of the evening when I still had all my strength, there was still plenty of room to dance around the perimeter of the floor, it was a fast song, and I was blessed with a magnificient partner. Right off the bat, she encouraged me to pull out all the stops and guide her around the dance floor with thrilling spins and jaw dropping pivots that made the background become a blur. For those five minutes, I lost all contact with reality, and succumbed to my partner’s charms and absolute joy of the dance. It’s a dance that stays with you a long time, and makes you wonder about writing a whole new chapter about it.

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