The Perfect Salsa Dance

Yesterday, one of my friends told me about an article that examined how choir members sometimes sing with synchronize heart beats when all good things of the moment come together. I suspect (with no scientific study) that it happens to dance partners as well.

Dancers look for different goals, different feelings and different ways to experience fun when on the dance floor. And some dances bring partners together more than others. But during those special moments when the stars line up: a favorite song, a favorite dance partner, and space to move, dance partners too can be moved by the moment. The lead surrenders to the music and only leads with the faintest of signals, and the lady moves to the song’s rhythms and is free to express herself with uninhibited styling. When dance partners feel this, I believe they both succumb not only to the music, but to each other’s charms as well. It’s a powerful and euphoric feeling, and can cause confusion when it happens for the first time.

As mentioned earlier, there is no scientific study to confirm this, but I strongly suspect that the magic of dancing with the right partner, at the right time, can bring heart beats together for an experience hard to beat and almost impossible to explain.

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