The Crayon Art of Gene Rivas

The Making of the Lady in Lavender

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Step 1: Draw the layout and most of the detail. In this case, I worked from three photographs. I turned the head, re-drew the blouse, shortened the love seat and simplified the sheet.


Step 2: Working with pencils, waxed pastels and linseed oil, I paint the figure to look at the viewer.


Step 3: Completing the blouse and hands.


Step 4: The long legs and feet.


Step 5: The sheet demands a great amount of time and a great deal of patience.


Step 6: Starting the background prior to blending.


Step 7: Finishing the background and going back for touchups.


Step 7: Working with a professional model for the best pose.


Step 8: Appreciating the artistic talent of the model.


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