The Top 10 Reasons a Guy Has to Dance Salsa 7 Nights a Week

No.10  You Don’t want to disappoint the ladies, the last thing you want to do is ruin their week.

No.9  After three years, it’s a critical time for you to get your timing down.

No.8  You might be losing weight (even though it’s probably from having less time to eat). That settles it, health first.

No.7  You just bought these new shoes and you don’t want them to stiffen up.

No.6  You have a slight muscle strain; better dance to shake it out.

No.5  It’s warm weather and many of the ladies are wearing hot pants, and you really enjoy seeing the designer belts they wear.

No.4  By going to all the dances, you can see which ones are the best so that when you cut down to 5 times a week, you can pick the venues that work best for you.

No.3  You need to dance to save money. Otherwise you’d spend too much going to a movie or a dinner date.

No.2  You just spend a ton of money on private lessons. Must dance every night to see if they were worth it.

And the No.1 reason why a guy has to dance salsa 7 nights a week.

No.1 Just found out your company insurance doesn’t cover medication and rehab for salsa dancing addiction. You’re screwed!

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