The Top 10 Compliments Your Dance Partner Will Never Believe

No.10  Your spins are perfect, did you dance in the Bolshoi Ballet?

No.9  I don’t remember your name, but I’ll never forget your smile.

No.8  Could you give me a second, I need to pinch myself to make sure this dance is real.

No.7  I’m glad I know where they keep the oxygen bottles, I’m going to need one after this dance.

No.6  I wish I knew more about Astronomy. You’re such a wonderful dancer, you must be from another galaxy.

No.5  After that breathtaking dip, I think your going to need to hold “me” up.

No.4  Please forgive me for a moment, I need to see if my socks aren’t knocked off.

No.3  How could anyone not have good eye contact with your beautiful eyes?

No.2  I’m sure your wearing a beautiful dress, but I can’t seem to get past your smile.

And the number one compliment your dance partner will never believe:

1) I could kill myself for missing that Physics class in college, now I’ll never be able to stop time.


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